October 1, 2013

Decorate the Bathroom for Halloween

Halloween Decorations for the Bathroom

We love Halloween and try to find as many fun Halloween decorations as we can afford. One of the rooms we've added to our Halloween decorating in recent years is the bathroom.

There really are a lot of fun Halloween bathroom decorations out there to choose from and it's such a small room that you really only need a few items to make the room "scream" Halloween.

I've gathered a few ideas and decorations here to help you decorate the bathroom for Halloween. Some of the ideas are for cute Halloween bathroom decor while others are quite extreme and should only be reserved for spooky Halloween parties where there will be no children in attendance.

Browse through to find some inspiration and ideas to make your own bathroom a happy Halloween retreat.

Orange Bathroom Decor

To give your bathroom a cute Halloween feel without going to Halloweeny, if you know what I mean

Ghoulish Halloween Bathroom Decorating Idea

Bloody Bathroom Sink

Again, a little fake blood goes a long way towards making your Halloween party guest feel totally unwelcome, and uncomfortable to say the least.

Leaving the scissors on the bathroom vanity makes a great finishing touch, don't you think?