May 6, 2013


There are lots of different ways to interpret princess party ideas for a kid's birthday or tea party, from traditional Disney characters such as Cinderella, Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, or Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog to more comical ones such as Princess Fiona from Shrek. Regardless of which type of princess is your child's favorite, there are lots of imagery that is common to all princesses.

So, below are some universal princess party ideas, which you can always tailor to a particular Disney character if you wish.


There are lots of great pre-designed invitations available, including ones that can be personalized either with or without a photo, that will tie in nicely with these princess party ideas.

Don't forget to include information on the dress code, especially if you want everybody to come dressed as a Prince or Princess, ex, 'Dress: Royal Attire'.


A really nice touch that shows attention to detail is to embellish your invitations with personalized princess themed postage stamps. You can even upload a photo of your child dressed as a princess to some of the stamps (see below right).

Note: These stamps are only available in the USA


Below are some drinks ideas to go with these princess party ideas:

Tea parties are synonymous with princess party ideas, so you might want to serve the drinks in some old fashioned tea cups with saucers. You probably don't want to serve normal tea, but there are some nice fruit flavoured ice teas like those from Snapple which make flavors such as peach, raspberry and lemon tea. Just remember these still contain caffeine. You can also serve a Sparkling Punch. For younger children you can still have the same affect with using the Royal Opera Plastic Teacup with Saucer.

Alternatively, make all your drinks pink by serving things like pink lemonade. This looks great in a big serving jug or punchbowl with just some simple lemon or lime slices as garnish.

You can still let them drink this out of tea cups with saucers so they feel more like a princess. Alternatively, use these cute Purple Royal Goblets to tie in nicely with these princess party ideas.


You can make your party drinks more interesting with these cute princess wand or princess palace ice cube trays.


For princess party food you could look to the English tradition of 'Afternoon Tea' for inspiration. Little princesses will love this as everything is so delicate and lady-like. Traditionally, afternoon tea comes served in teapots with tea cups and saucers alongside bite-sized sandwiches cut into small triangles with the crusts removed.

All the sandwiches are usually presented on a tired cake stand accompanied by a selection of small cakes or scones with jam and Devonshire (clotted) cream.

If you want to make the sandwiches a little less formal, use cookie cutters to shape them into crowns, castles and glass slippers to turn them into princess party food. Don't forget to include some frog shaped ones too.