September 6, 2012

Parenting Trends: The Gender Reveal Party

Expecting a new baby is a very exciting time for a couple. One of the most thrilling parts of pregnancy is revealing the gender of your little bundle. Don't just announce it just by making a phone call to your family and friends. Have a baby gender reveal party, during which the expectant parents share the moment they discover their baby's sex, unveiling results of the ultrasound test among loved ones.
Baby gender reveal parties have become the latest trend in the baby world. Unlike a traditional baby shower, the whole family can become involved in its preparation, the dad to be especially. Male guests are allowed as well, so it is expected to have more guests than usual. Not like a baby shower where only the women are allowed to come. But you can also hold the baby gender reveal party with a baby shower, instead of having two separate parties.

Parents typically arrange for the ultrasound technician to withhold the gender finding from them. The technician places the information Oscars-style in an envelope, which the couple might then deliver to a baker, who whips up a pink or blue cake, covering the telltale color with frosting. The couple discover the gender when they cut the cake amid the whole family and friends.

Cakes are the most common mode of announcement, but some moms and dads have unleashed a bevy of pink or blue balloons or filled a piƱata with pink or blue confetti; one couple picked out an outfit for a boy and one for a girl, handed an envelope with their baby's gender to the store clerk and asked that the appropriate ensemble be wrapped up for them to open at their party.

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