September 13, 2012

Lunchbox Surprises: A Few Ways to Delight Your School Aged Youngsters

Your little ones may be off at school for the day, but you can still remind them that you love them by including a surprise in their lunchboxes! Here are some ways moms send a little love along with their children's lunches.

Cut Food into Fun Shapes

This idea is really as simple as brushing off your cookie cutters and keeping them handy for the lunch-making process. Cutting fruits into shapes like flowers, hearts and stars or sending specially shaped desserts like heart shaped brownies.
Ready to get experiement with cut-outs? Sandwiches are a good place to start. Get some large cookie cutters, and once the sandwiches are made press the cookie cutter on top to make heart, star, or bear-shaped sandwiches.

Pen Special Notes 

The 30 seconds it takes to jot down a little note to your kid is sure to bring a grin at lunchtime every time! Numerous moms write their special notes on napkins or have a special  notepad. Just a note on one telling them that you love them and hope they have a good day.

Decorate the Lunch Bag

Other moms draw doodles or use stickers  or special water bottles to make their child's lunch a little more special. 

Send a Picture

Instead of drawing pictures, some moms tuck an actual photo into their kid's lunch bag. Tape an open envelope to the top inside of your child's lunchbox and put a photo in it. Write a note on the back of the photo. Family pictures are nice, or send a picture of your child doing something silly so he can show it to his friends.

Make Silly Food Faces

In addition to cutting food into shapes, arrange food into fun structures. For example, fresh fruits that are glued together with a tiny amount of peanut butter to look like a face, or a crazy shape. Or actually draw on the food! Draw a face on a banana with an indelible marker, the stem is the hair.