March 4, 2013

Fill Easter Baskets With Fun Instead Of Candy

Store aisles are bulging with Easter-themed chocolate and confectionery, but there are plenty of other options. Here are some themes for candy-free Easter baskets kids will love.

Cooking basket: Use a large mixing bowl as your container. Add a kid-size apron and mixing spoons, spatula, measuring cups and a chicken-themed egg timer. For instructions, there's no better guide for the newly hatched chef than Better Homes and Gardens[r] New Junior CookBook (Better Homes & Gardens Cooking) Official Easter Egg Hunter Apron

Memory basket: Craft stores like Michaels and Jo-Ann Fabric sell sturdy decorated cardboard file boxes and upholstered sewing baskets that can be made into scrapbooking kits for the very young. Add a photo album, scrapbooking paper and some prints. Add a personalized blank notebook and an invitation to write in the journal every day, even if it's only a line.
Vintage nostalgic easter chicks note book

Just want to substitute some of the candy? Well here are some things to put in a Easter basket besides candy!
  1. Coloring books 
  2. Markers and crayons 
  3. Stuffed bunny 
  4. Fun toothbrush 
  5. Play dough 
  6. Magnets 
  7. Puzzles 
  8. Barbies 
  9. Superheros 
  10. Bubbles 
  11. Sand toys
  12. Pool toys (squirt guns, goggles, etc.) 
  13. Movies
  14. Bouncy balls 
  15. Sidewalk chalk 
  16. Slinky 
  17. Legos
  18. Letters and shapes for bath time fun 
  19. Play food  
  20. Eggs full of small toys 
  21. Blocks 
  22. New sippy cups or water bottles 
  23. Gardening supplies 
  24. Hair accessories 
  25. Nail polish 
  26. Movie tickets 
  27. T-Shirts 
  28. Necklaces 
  29. Trail mix & Jerky 
  30. Cologne 
  31. Baseball cards 
  32. Frisbee 
  33. Personalized stationary 
  34. New pajamas 
  35. Sunglasses
  36. A fun case for their mobile device - phone, tablet etc. 
  37. Stickers 
  38. Children’s Bible 
  39. Bunny ears
  40. Crazy socks 
  41. Finger paints 
  42. Fruit snacks 
  43. Jump rope 
  44. Homemade coupon booklet

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