May 1, 2012

National Hamburger Month

May is National Hamburger Month and celebrated each and every year by a huge amount of people! National BBQ Month is also celebrated this month of May so extremely large amounts of hamburger is cooked on grills in honor of this holiday.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the term "hamburger" comes from Hamburg steak, which was first recorded in English in 1884 but was probably used much earlier. A form of pounded beef called "Hamburg Steak" was common in Hamburg in the middle of the 19th century. The recipe was brought to North America by the large numbers of people immigrating from Germany at the time, many of whom passed through the port of Hamburg. There is indirect evidence for its use on an American menu in 1836. The form hamburger steak first appeared in a Washington state newspaper in 1889. The first recipe close to the current idea of a hamburger, using ground beef mixed with onion and pepper dates from 1902.

Burger fun facts
  • Americans consume 14 billion a year and buy 5 billion hamburgers
  • Speedy was the original mascot for McDonald's.
  • McDonald's is the most popular hamburger restaurant in the U.S.
  • White Castle is the oldest continuous running hamburger chain.
  • 1945 was the year the first self-serve McDonald's opened.

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