March 12, 2012

Today In History

Cathy Lee Crosby as Wonder Woman In 1974, Wonder Woman, the TV movie, came to ABC-TV, starring Cathy Lee Crosby. Wonder Woman did not wear the comic book costume and demonstrated no superhuman abilities. On December 18, 1975, another Wonder Woman TV movie entitled The New, Original Wonder Woman, to distinct itself from the Cathy Lee Crosby version, aired starring Lynda Carter. The new Wonder Woman was set in 1942 and the look of the show was copied directly from how the comic book looked in that era. It was excellent for its detail, and was faithful to how the characters were during World War II. Eventually, after a series of tv specials, Wonder Woman became a regular CBS-TV show, still starring Lynda Carter in the title role.Linda Carter as Wonder Woman CBS took Wonder Woman into the 1970s and instead of being Yeoman First Class Diana Prince as she had been during 1942, Wonder Woman was now an IADC(Inter Agency Defense Command) agent who was still Diana Prince. Retitled The New Adventures of Wonder Woman Diana was able to take on relevant things in the late 1970s such as mimes, disco, and psychics. During the second season on CBS, ratings dropped. The show was cancelled after two seasons.