July 18, 2011

Back-To-School Tips


get ready for back to school time

 Summer vacation will end soon, which means the school bell will soon ring. Your kids probably have mixed feelings about going back to school - excitement to see friends and participate in fun school activities again, and dread that the lazy hours of summer are almost over.

Whether they're ready for it or not, getting kids prepared for the school year doesn't have to be a lot of work. Start the school year right with help from BWMedia Designs.

It’s easier to hit the books when study materials are neatly organized. Show your kids how to keep their schoolwork in order so they can clearly focus on their subject.

  • Use a sturdy binder to store study materials and homework. Built for long-lasting use, Avery Binders features full-bleed, photo-quality printing on the front, back and spine. Weak binders are history!

Hot Wheels' Built for Speed binderTweety Flying Heart binderNo math ! Arithmophobia binderAt The Zoo Avery Binder binder

Show your kids the benefits of putting a schedule together. They’ll be able to see how time can be properly managed if they stick to their plan. It’s a lesson on how to make every minute count!

  • Give your child their own calendar or personal planner. At the start of each week, sit down with them and write down assignments, then check their progress during the week. As your kids get older, they will get used to putting their schedule together themselves.

School supplies don’t have to be boring. In fact, some school tools can even be kinda cool!
  • Label personal belongings with Avery Labels. Use them to create personalized bookplates to identify textbooks, notebooks and other property.
School Supplies Labels labelRainbow striped design labelZoo Friends Avery Label labelThis Book Belongs To You label
Get ready to dress to impress. Put your best foot forward with cool tees and shoes.  No matter your age we've got you covered.

SpongeBob - Down With The Sound shirtFor Sale Shirt shirtToo Awesome For Homework Shirt (Dark) shirtTabitha Victorian Angel Heart Scroll Tank shirtUrban Chic Keds Shoe kedsshoeKRW Smoldering Skull kedsshoeGuitar Devilette kedsshoeRainbows and Flowers kedsshoe