January 21, 2011

Check out the new seventeen store!

Just in time for Valentine's Day shopping, or maybe even your birthday, Seventeen gets its very own store on Zazzle.com! Now you can really take Seventeen with you everywhere!

You can order a Seventeen tote to carry your school books, a coffee mug to wake you up in the morning, a t-shirt for gym class, a shirt to keep your dog cozy on walks. They even have a skate board!

Have you shopped in the Zazzle store yet?  Click here to shop!

Thin Stripes Aqua 3 keychainZebra Magenta mousepadThin Stripes Magenta bagGrafitti Lt. Pink skateboardZigZag Purple buttonFun 2 B 17-Aqua shirtI Heart Fashion Magenta stampI Heart Me Magenta petshirtGraffiti Aqua mug