July 21, 2010

DC Comics Celebrates 75 Years of Awesome

2010 sees the 75th anniversary of DC Comics. Since then, it's gone on to publish some of the greatest comics ever.

In 1938, DC Comics released Action Comics #1, which became a turning point in the history of comic books with the introduction of the first superhero, Superman. Soon after the success of Superman, DC Comics introduced another hero in 1939, one that is still popular today, in Detective Comics #27, Batman.

In celebration of 75 years of awesome, DC Comics and Zazzle have joined forces to bring you 5 limited-edition Screen Printed T-shirts!

DC 75th Anniversary Bundle Pack

T-Shirts also available to purchase individually

The 5 designs include:

Wonder Woman – Cover Art from Vol. 3 #18 “Return of the Khund”
Wonder Woman T-Shirt

Superman – Cover Art from Vol. 1 #201 “Clark Kent Abandons Superman”
Superman T-Shirt

Justice League – Cover Art from Vol. 1 #190 “Our Friends, Our Enemies”
Justice League of America T-Shirt

Green Lantern – Cover Art from Vol. 2 #41 “The Double Life of Star Sapphire”
Green Lantern T-Shirt

Batman (intro issue) – Detective Comics Cover Art from Vol. 1 #27 “The Case of Chemical Syndicate”
Batman T-Shirt

But Zazzle doesn't just have T-Shirts; you can also get these covers (as well as a 2nd Batman cover, and the DC 75th Anniversary Logo) on Skateboards,Binders, MugsPosters, and more.
Batman 2 BinderDC Comics 75th ButtonJustice League Mousepad

Be sure to check out everything that’s available during DC Comics 75th Anniversary, but also check out DC Comics main store, for more of your favorite DC heroes!